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USA Quick Release Coupling LU2-2

Nitto Type Two Touch Coupler

Japan Nitto Type Quick Connect Pneumatic Coupler Socket and Plugs BSP Steel, Two Touch Small Body

  • 20SF/SM/SH;  1/4" BSP (Φ6.35)
  • 30SF/SM/SH;  3/8" BSP (Φ8)
  • 40SF/SM/SH;  1/2" BSP (Φ10)


Japan Nitto Type Two Touch Quick Release Couplers

Japan Nitto Two Touch Coupler 20SF-Small body
Japan Nitto 20/30/40SF Female Coupling

Feale Thread
Quick Coupler

Japan Nitto 20/30/40SF Female Coupling Size
20SF 41 Φ26 17 21 1/4" BSP
30SF 42 Φ26 18 21 3/8" BSP
40SF 45 Φ26 21 21 1/2" BSP
Japan Nitto 20/30/40SM Male Coupling

Male Thread
Quick Coupler

Japan Nitto 20/30/40SM Male Coupling Size
20SM 42.5 Φ26 12 21 1/4" BSP
30SM 43 Φ26 14 21 3/8" BSP
40SM 47 Φ26 16 21 1/2" BSP
Japan Nitto 20/30/40SH Hose Barb Coupling

Hose Barb
Quick Coupler

Japan Nitto 20/30/40SH Hose Barb Coupling Size
20SH 49 Φ26 20 21 Φ6.35
30SH 51 Φ26 20 21 Φ8
40SH 53 Φ26 20 21 Φ10
• Accepts 1/4 NITTO type plugs

• Heavy-duty,high-quality design

• Deep knurled socket sleeve for positive gripping

• Proven and positive connection using ball-locking mechanism

• General air service

• Pneumatic tools

• Socket Body: Steel

• Backnut: Steel

• Sleeve: Steel

• Valve: Steel

• Valve Spring: Steel

• Locking Balls: Steel

• Seals: Buna-N/Nitrile

• Maximum Working Pressure: 150PSI

• Temperature Range: -40°F to 225°F(-20°C to 107°C)

• Air Flow: 35SCFM at 100 PSIG inlet with 10 PSIG pressure drop

What is a Pneumatic Coupling?

A pneumatic coupling is used to connect compressed air tools to a compressed air line. A pneumatic coupler allows a tool to be easily connected or disconnected to a hose or pipe while it is under pressure.
The system consists of two parts: the quick coupling (the female part) and the plug-in or nipple (the male part).

Japan Nitto Type quick couplers provide quick and easy connection/disconnection of air lines. They completely eliminate the inconvenience of connecting/disconnecting conventional thread type couplings or flanges, and hose kinking, while providing quick, convenient control and maintenance of air line connections.

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With Various CUSTOMIZATION Packaging

For Branded Retail And Specialty Packaging That Conveys The Quality Of The Products For Your Business, Retail Packaging Customization Is Acceptable In Longwei.

Quick Coupling Retail Custom Packaging
Retail Packaging Customization

Japan Nitto Type Quick Coupler Gallery

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