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Tire Repair Strings Plugs

Tire Repair Strings Plugs

Tire Repair Plugs, Tire Repair Strings Rubber Strips Self Vulcanizing Tubeless Seal for Cars Car, Bike, ATV, UTV, Wheelbarrow

  • Use for: Car, Bike, ATV, UTV, Wheelbarrow,etc

  • Design: High stickiness tire repair plugs, insure a reliable repair

  • Features: Easily repair punctures without removing the tire from the rim, Tire repair made easy

  • How to use: Remove object causing leak, ream with tool, insert plug material in other tool, coat material with glue, insert in puncture, remove tool, trim excess. Not for sidewall repair


Tire Repair Tools - Repair Rubber Sealing Strip Plugs

Tire Repair Strings Repair Rubber Sealing Strip Natural Tire Repair Rubber Plug Flat Tire Plug Repair kit for Tubeless Off-Road Tires Car,Bike,Motor,Wheelbarrow,ATV, UTV

Tubeless Tire Repair Tools
Tire Repair Strings
Tire Repair Plugs Self Vulcanizing

For Tire Repair: Making your tire repair much easier. Our tire repair strings are the high stickiness design that will your emergency repair tools. Easily repair punctures without removing the tire.
Why Choose Us: These rubber strips are easy to soften when heated, have good adhesion, can fit well with the tire, and are not easy to fall off after use.

How to Use:
1. Remove the dust and debris in the hole,
2. Cut the strip into a diagonal, ream with tool,
3. Insert plug material in other tool,
4. Coat material with glue, insert in puncture,
5. Remove tool, trim excess. (Not for sidewall repair)

Widely Applications: Fit for tire repair of motorcycle, truck, marine, quad bike, jet ski, scooter, car, and boat etc.

Durable material:
The handle type tire repair tools use the quality metal material and plastic material, light weight, easy to carry, durable, not easy to wear and comfortable feel, can be repeated use for a long time, and the tire repair strip applied is quality rubber material can be very good and tire fuses in together, is a very good tyre repair tools

Functional purposes:
Two tools have different purposes, reamer t-handle tool is applied for drilling well fit the size of the hole in the tyre, convenient inserting tyre repair, another plugger t-handle is applied to insert a tire repair, clever design can easily at the bottom of the insert tyre repair a tyre, can repair a flat tire on the way, more quickly and efficiently

Product advantage:
Handle tools using ergonomics design, can provide greater power steering and comfort, vulcanized rubber strip, bright color, strong viscosity, do not need to use glue can be very good repair flat tires, corrosion resistance, not easy aging and hardening, long service life and make you don't have to remove the tires can very good complete tyre repair work, bring you convenience

Wide application:
Works for all tubeless radial and bias ply tires,very suitable for mountain, road, electric bicycles, cross-country motorcycles, gravel bicycles, ATVs ,wheelbarrows, mowers, other offroad tires,car, truck,a practical and useful choice for travel;These tools can be very good to help you solve the problem of sudden flat tire in the process of the road, let you no longer have a flat tire trouble

Tire Repair Tool Kit Instructions

Tire Repair Kit Instructions

Tubeless Tire Repair Tools Kit

Tubeless Tires Repair Tools

Tubeless Tires Repaired Easily In Minutes for repairing tubeless tire punctures. EASILY repair punctures in the tubeless tires of Motorcycles, ATVs, Lawnmowers, Tractors, Bikes, Jeeps, Trucks & Cars. Built with the strongest materials and contained in a sturdy, accept Various CUSTOMIZATION Packaging.


Repairing or changing a tire on the roadside is not simple and inconvenient for you especially in emergent time.

The easy-to-follow instructions mean anyone can plug their flat tire in minutes and get back on their way. Just follow the instructions, you can finish it even for the first time.

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Tubeless Tire Puncture Repair Tools Kit Gallery

With Various CUSTOMIZATION Packaging

For Branded Retail And Specialty Packaging That Conveys The Quality Of The Products For Your Business, Retail Packaging Customization Is Acceptable In Longwei.

Tire Repair Tools Kit Custom Package

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