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Pencil Tire Gauge LG01 10-50psi

Pencil Tire Gauge LG01

Pencil Tire Pressure Gauge (10-50PSI) Metal Body and Plastic Made Nozzle 2 Side Measurements for Vehicles


  • Do not use this product for applications outside of its intended use

  • 2-sided ABS Indicator Bar
  • Attention! Do not exceed the maximum pressure of the gauge, doing so will permanently damage the device


Tire Pressure Gauges

Keep your vehicle safe for the road with a tire pressure gauge to frequently check the PSI.

Tire Pressure Gauges
Pencil Tire Pressure Gagues Application

All-Purpose Air Pressure Gauge for Tires – Easy to use with cars, trucks, SUVs, RVs, all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and kid’s bicycles these portable tire gauges make it easy to get a quick, accurate reading to ensure proper inflation.

Improve Tire Safety and Longevity – A quality car tire gauge can make all the difference when you’re trying to maintain factory tire inflation requirements to help improve gas mileage, control of the vehicle, and overall road safety.

Compact and Portable Pencil Style – Slim enough to fit in your vehicle’s glovebox, a tool bag or even your front shirt pocket thanks to the convenient pocket clip our analog tire pressure gauges can go almost anywhere you go.

Craftsmanship – Designed with a metal body and plastic head each car and bike tire pressure gauge offers long-lasting durability and convenience, so you always know you’re getting reliable results.

  • Crafted to create a great seal around a tire's valve stem

  • MEASURES PSI; Measurement range from 10-50 PSI.
    Attention!Do not exceed the maximum pressure of the gauge, doing so will permanently damage the device

  • UNIVERSAL APPLICATION: Not only are these gauges easy to use, but include an integrated deflator valve, chuck, and ABS indicator bar

  • CONVENIENT DESIGN stows easily in a glove box, tool belt, workbench, or even a pocket; the pocket clip makes it easy to carry with you while on the job

  • BATTERY FREE means no maintenance and total reliability under all weather conditions; a necessary tool for roadtrips and optimal safety

Pencil Tire Pressure Gauges Application

Air Blow Gun Application

Keeping your car tires properly inflated is an easy maintenance chore that's vital to your safety. Under-inflated tires build up excess heat as you drive, which can result in tire failure. With too little air pressure, tires can also wear faster and unevenly, waste fuel, and negatively impact the vehicle's braking and handling.

To help maintain tires in top condition, use a tire-pressure gauge to check the pressure of your tires at least once a month and before starting on any long trip. For an accurate read, make sure the car has been parked for three or more hours before checking the tire pressure.


Part No  LG01-A  LG01-B  LG01-C
Head Plastic
Body Metal
Bar 2 side plastic  2 side steel
PSI 10-50psi
Tire Presssure Guage

Tire pressure must be checked regularly.
maintaining proper tire inflation will increase fuel economy,increase tire life,and reduce the chance of tire failure.

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Driving is a luxury that many people across the country enjoy, but if proper care isn’t taken to maintain a vehicle, it can result in rapid wear, part failure, and poor control. Tires are one of the features of a car that can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s important to ensure that you know how to use a gauge to check tire pressure.

Underinflated tires increase braking distance, reduce steering control, and accelerate tire wear, which can result in complete tire failure. Overinflated tires are not as hazardous, but they can still increase tire wear, affect the wear pattern of the treads, and reduce control.

To ensure that your tires are not under- or overinflated, it’s necessary to understand how to use a tire pressure gauge.

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