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  • ISO7241 B Hydraulic Hose Quick Release Coupling
  • ISO7241 B Hydraulic Line Coupler
  • ISO7241 B Quick Coupler Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic Quick Coupler ISO7241 B Zinc-plated

Hydraulic Quick Couplings

Quick Connected and Disconnect Coupling ISO7241-1-B Standard

LW-B1 Series Hydraulic Couplings comply to the standard of ISO7241-1B. Compatible with PARKER 60 Series, FASTER ANV Series, AEROQUIP FD45 Series and HANSEN HK0 Series.

  • Connexion by pulling back the sleeve Disconnexion by pulling back the female sleeve

  • Connexion/Disconnexion under pressure not allowed

  • Interchangeability according to ISO 7241 part B


Hydraulic Quick Connect Hose Coupler Interchange ISO 7241 B

ISO 7241-B carbon steel poppet valve in socket and plug hydraulic quick disconnect coupler brings to the industry a proven design for use on the industrial joint, such as construction equipment, forestry equipment, hydraulic tools, oil equipment, steel mill machinery, and other industry required hydraulic connection and disconnection..

ISO B Hydraulic Hose Quick Release Coupling

Hydraulic Quick Couplings ISO7241 B

Hydraulic Coupling LW-B1 Series meets dimensional requirements to all standard 7241-1 Series B couplings,Interchangeable with all ISO 7241 B series couplings. Interchangeable like below.

LW-B1-02 Parker H2-63 H2-62
Faster HNV 14 GAS M HNV 14 GAS F
Eaton FD45-1002-04-04 FD45-1003-04-04
Dixon H2F2 2HF2
DNP HNV-04-04-N-BSP HNV-04-04-C-BSP
Safeway S101-2 S105-2

Hydraulic Hose Quick Release Coupling ISO7241-B are also recommended for general purpose, machine tools, mobile hydraulics, and other equipment applications.

Size: 1/4" ,Body: 1/4" NPT Thread, Harden Steel with 5000 PSI Rating. (More size please check following sheet)

Machined components are manufactured using solid bar stock

Stainless steel balls, retaining rings and springs maximize corrosion resistance and extend service life.

Nitrile (Buna-N) seals are standard. Option seal is FKM if temperature range is high to 200 ℃

1/8″ 34.5 3.8
1/4″ 34.5 11.5
3/8″ 27.6 23
1/2″ 27.6 45.5
3/4″ 20.7 106
1″ 20.7 190

NBR: -20˚C ~100˚C
FKM: -20˚C~180˚C

Close Type Hydraulic Quick Couplings ISO7241 B

Material for the Coupler Stock: Carbon Steel, Brass and Stainless Steel both available.

ISO7241-B Hydraulic Couplings Drawing

Hydraulic Quick Coupling Female Connector Socket ISO7241 B

Part Number Body Size ISO Thread L1 D1 CH1
LW-B1-01 1/8″ DN5 NPT/BSPP/RC 1/8″ 48 24 17
LW-B1-02 1/4″ DN6.3 NPT/BSPP/RC 1/4″ 58 28.5 19
LW-B1-03 3/8″ DN10 NPT/BSPP/RC 3/8″ 65 35 24
LW-B1-04 1/2″ DN12.5 NPT/BSPP/RC 1/2″ 74 44.5 28.5
LW-B1-06 3/4″ DN20 NPT/BSPP/RC3/4″ 92 54 36
LW-B1-08 1″ DN25 NPT/BSPP/RC1″ 103 63.5 41

Hydraulic Quick Coupling Male Plugs ISO7241 B

Part Number Body Size ISO Thread L2 L3 D2 CH2
LW-B1-01 1/8″ DN5 NPT/BSPP/RC 1/8″ 29 19 10.9 14
LW-B1-02 1/4″ DN6.3 NPT/BSPP/RC1/4″ 36 22.8 14.2 19
LW-B1-03 3/8″ DN10 NPT/BSPP/RC 3/8″ 40 25 19.1 24
LW-B1-04 1/2″ DN12.5 NPT/BSPP/RC 1/2″ 46.5 28 23.6 28.5
LW-B1-06 3/4″ DN20 NPT/BSPP/RC3/4″ 56 36 31.5 36
LW-B1-08 1″ DN25 NPT/BSPP/RC 1″ 63 45 37.8 41

Photo Gallery of Hydraulic Quick Coupling ISO7241-B

ISO 7241 B Quick Disconnect Hydraulic Couplers

* Poppet Valves available to prevent uncoupled leakage.

* Poppet valves open automatically when coupled, within rated working pressure, to keep the flow expeditely.

* Critical parts are hardened for durability.

* Dependable ball-locking mechanism holds the mating halves together.

* Socket and plug are precision machined from solid bar stock.

* Cr VI or Cr III surface treatment can be choosed.

* Salt spray test: 96 hours

* LW-B1 Series conforms to the standard of I S07241-1B

* Parker 60 Series
* Faster HNV Series
* Aeroquip FD45
* HANSEN HA 15000 Series

Standard : ISO 7241-1 Series “B”
Size : 1/8' - 1'
Connection : Locking Balls
WP : Working Pressures To 5,000 Psi (345 Bar)
Material: Carbon Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel
What are Quick Coupling

Hydraulic quick couplings provide users with the ability to rapidly connect and disconnect hydraulic hoses to machines or other sections of plumbing. Also called quick-connects or quick disconnects, these fittings allow fluid to flow when the male and female sides are locked together. Conversely, when disconnected, the quick couplings prevent fluid leakage using check valves to block exiting fluid.

Quick connect couplers are manufactured by multiple manufacturers and can be often interchanged. Longwei supplies the highest quality hydraulic quick disconnect couplers such as flushface, ISO A, ISO B, wingnut, Ag, and Skid Steer.

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Profiles of male nipples help you to identify four popular styles of hydraulic quick disconnect couplers in nominal sizes ranging from 1/4" to 1". Nominal sizes represent intended hose or tube sizes, not the actual diameter of the coupler.
For actual dimensions, print this page actual size and compare the profile drawings to your existing equipment.

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