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Dial Gauge Tire Inflator

Dial Gauge Tire Inflator Chucks

  • Gauge and valve cartridges can both be replaced

  • Digital tire pressure gauge with ergonomic shape that perfectly fits the hand

  • Do not use this product for applications outside of its intended use

  • Attention! Do not exceed the maximum pressure of the gauge, doing so will permanently damage the device


Dial Gauge Tire Inflator with Chucks

Keep your vehicle safe for the road with a tire pressure gauge to frequently check the PSI.

Tire Pressure Gauges
Heavy Duty Dual Foot Gauges Application

Dial Tire Pressure Gauge

A dial tire pressure gauge is an analog pressure gauge with a dial instead of a measuring stick. To use a dial gauge, attach the gauge directly to the valve stem. Some dial gauges come equipped with an extension hose. If that’s the case, attach the extension hose to the valve stem. The air pressure will go through the hose. This will cause the needle to move on the dial face. The needle will give you an accurate PSI reading for your tires.

Easy to use while inflating the tire
More accurate than a stick gauge
The dial is simple to read
Less durable—the face of the dial can easily break if made of glass
Calibrated spring can be sensitive to a lot of motion
Less portable
Dials with extension hoses require two hands
Can be more expensive than digital and stick gauges if extension hoses are added to the dial
Bulky when compared to stick and digital gauges


Tire Inflator Gauge will provide you with a reliable tool to inflate tires. Maintaining correct tire pressure is very important as incorrect pressure levels can lead to puncture damage, lower fuel economy, and a shorter life cycle for your tires.

Over-inflated tires have long braking distance and are easy to slip on rainy days, also the middle part of the tire will wear too fast. Under-inflated tires need to consume more fuel while driving, not good for purses and the environment. A resonable inflated tire save fuel, increase the tire's lifespan, improve the driving experience, and insure the driving safety. Please use tire pressure gauge to test the wheel pressure every week regularly when the tire is cold, especialy before long distance travel.

Dial Tire Pressure Gauges Application

Air Blow Gun Application

Keeping your car tires properly inflated is an easy maintenance chore that's vital to your safety. Under-inflated tires build up excess heat as you drive, which can result in tire failure. With too little air pressure, tires can also wear faster and unevenly, waste fuel, and negatively impact the vehicle's braking and handling.

To help maintain tires in top condition, use a tire-pressure gauge to check the pressure of your tires at least once a month and before starting on any long trip. For an accurate read, make sure the car has been parked for three or more hours before checking the tire pressure.


Part No Head Body Calibrate
LDG-09 Zinc Dual-head Steel w/Rubber casing 0-75psi
LDG-10 Dual-head Chuck 1/4" FNPT Bleader Valve 10-120psi
LDG-11 Dual-foot Chuck with Clip 1/4"MNPT 0-220psi
LDG-12 Brass Head Steel Body 0-160psi,
LDG-13 Zinc Dual-head Steel w/Rubber casing 10-170psi
LDG-14 Brass Swivel head Steel Body 0-60psi,
Tire Presssure Guage

Tire pressure must be checked regularly.
maintaining proper tire inflation will increase fuel economy,increase tire life,and reduce the chance of tire failure.

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Driving is a luxury that many people across the country enjoy, but if proper care isn’t taken to maintain a vehicle, it can result in rapid wear, part failure, and poor control. Tires are one of the features of a car that can sometimes be overlooked, but it’s important to ensure that you know how to use a gauge to check tire pressure.

Underinflated tires increase braking distance, reduce steering control, and accelerate tire wear, which can result in complete tire failure. Overinflated tires are not as hazardous, but they can still increase tire wear, affect the wear pattern of the treads, and reduce control.

To ensure that your tires are not under- or overinflated, it’s necessary to understand how to use a tire pressure gauge.

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